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I am not an expert or professional at any craft I simply enjoy exploring and trying new things.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards (ATC'S) are small cards with various forms of artwork on them
They measure 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. They are made to swap with people and there are forums set up to do just that I used to do this but postage costs got rather expensive so I stopped swapping. The site I used was ATC's For ALL
A lovely friendly site that give a warm welcome to everyone so if you want to do this I would say this is best place to go. They have a theme to work to and you add your  board name, Real name, Theme title, series number ( this is usually 1of 3, 2of 3 3 of 3 as you normally make 3 cards in that theme) and contact details usually an email address on the back of the card.
You post the cards to the swap organiser and she will sort them out and send you three different cards back.
It is great fun and I did it for along time until postage costs rose and I found it was getting too expensive to post to unless it was in the United Kingdom only.

I make cards for myself and for friends as part of their gift. When making them for myself I use the back of the card for Positive affirmations, Motivational quotes, Inspirational quotes, Chants, Poems and Sayings.

I belong to a team on Sparkpeople it is a site about fitness and nutrition to aid in living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. The team I belong to is Hogwarts yes you guessed it I am a Harry Potter fan and this team is like Hogwarts with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw Houses.We do all sorts of activities that help us focus on we need to do to aid us gain a healthy lifestyle and have some fun as well. Being creative is part of this so we have lots of creative things to do.
I am in Ravenclaw House and decided to make this ATC.

A mixed media card, for this I used:
Card stock
Pencil, Ruler, Metal ruler Scissors, Craft Knife, Glue
Ink pads
Ink Pens
Embroidery thread, pin and blunt cross stitch needle.
Printed picture and words

I coloured a piece of card using ink pads by wiping them over the card.
On the back of card I measured out as many 2.5x3.5 cards as I could get out of the card. Using a craft knife I cut these out using the metal ruler to make sure I was cutting nice and straight.
Then I drew a heart on the remaining card and  cut this out with scissors. I went around the edges of the heart using a blue ink pad and wiping it along the edges. Then with a pin I made holes at equal distances apart.
Then using blue thread I sewed a running stitch all the way around the heart and repeated the process using a copper coloured thread. This gave the effect of one blue stitch and one copper stitch.
Printing off the Ravenclaw shield I carefully glued it to the centre of the heart  then I glued the heart to the card.
I drew a feather and outlined it with ink colouring pens and wrote Ravenclaw in the opposite corner. Finally I used the printed Ravenclaw motto to complete the card. I used an ink pad to go around the edges of the card to give the card a finished look.

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