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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mini Bookmarks

I love making mini bookmarks they are easy and quick to make. You can create several of them and give them as a gift to a book lover.

These are three I made this week

I made mini envelopes to go with them as well so they will be stored easily and stay clean when not in use.

How to make Mini Bookmarks

Card stock
Metal Ruler
Crafting knife
Patterned paper
Printed picture
Stamping ink
Double sided tape
Hole Punch
Eyelet punch
Embroidery thread

Mini Bookmarks measure 1.5 x 3.5 inches cut several of them from your card stock I use a metal ruler and craft knife it gives a straight clean edge.

Cover one side of your mini bookmark with double sided tape making sure tape is close to the edges of the bookmark.
Turn your patterned paper face down so the pattern is now on the table and the back of the paper is facing you. Place the bookmark onto the paper and press down making sure it is well stuck down.
Cut around the bookmark and set aside.
You know have three choices repeat the process on the other side of the bookmark, use stamping ink on the back or leave it blank.
Cut out the printed picture and go around the edges of the picture with stamping ink and glue it onto the patterned paper on the bookmark.
Using the hole punch place a hole in the top of the bookmark not too close to the top. If you have them use eyelets to create a neat finish these have a raised part and a small disc.

Hole Punch, Eyelet and Eyelet Punch
Eyelet and disc
 Push the raised bit into the hole that you made in the bookmark so the raised bit is at the back turn the bookmark over and place the disc onto the raised part using the punch place it in the hole and hammer it in place. This flattens the raised bit and secures the eyelet in place.
Now cut some embroidery thread I used three colours at least twice as long as the bookmark longer is better than shorter at this stage. Folded the length in half to form a loop at the top. Push them through the hole and secure by taking the ends through the loop and then tie a knot close to the top of the bookmark. Trim so all the threads are the same length. I finish the tassel off by making a knot in each piece of thread this helps stop it from fraying.
You can use ribbon or yarn, I use embroidery thread as on mini bookmarks it looks neater.
 You can use whatever you like to make these just remember not to add heavy embelishments as they will mark the pages of your book. You can use thicker card stock if you want to use stamping ink for the background, you can draw something, create a pattern or collage your mini bookmarks.

 Mini Bookmark Envelope
I make these to keep the bookmarks in they are simple to do and you can use either the same paper as you did for the bookmark or one that matches or contrasts with it.

I use this template

 The template measures 3 ¾ inches x 4 ¼ inches (3.75 inches x 4.25 inches)
The solid line on the template represents a glue edge these are ¼ inch wide
The dotted lines are fold lines measure from the solid line to the centre of the card ¾ inch.

The centre part between the dotted lines will measure 1 ¾ inches (1.25 inches) this makes it easy to slide the bookmark into the envelope.
The tab at the bottom also measures 1 ¾ inches ( 1.75 inches) cut the waste away

Place your template onto the paper you have chosen again have it face down and draw around the template.
Cut out the envelope.
Score down the dotted lines lines and fold the paper. Make sure it lays flat you may need to trim a little off so it closes neatly.
Place some glue down one edge no further than the solid line and fold the side without the glue over then the glued side on top press down firmly.
Put some glue on the tab and fold overt o form the bottom of the envelope.
The back will look like this

 You may have to trim the to curved bit at the top so they match up, I know I do. Your envelope is now ready for the mini bookmark. 

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