I love making things and sharing what I do. I have Macular Degeneration and find ways to be creative.
I am not an expert or professional at any craft I simply enjoy exploring and trying new things.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Junk Journal

I wanted to make something different so I can experiment with different art effects and found Junk Journals in my search.
They are easy to make and I used an old Notebook.
Here is a link on how to make one
Junk Journal

This is mine
I used a snake ornament as my Chinese birth sign is that of the Snake. I made the owl myself.

This was my first experiment in foil art and it was really easy to do. I made it like this.

I made it using:
Drawing of an owl a really simple one
Card stock
PVA glue
Glue stick
Foil the kind you use for cooking not too thin or it will tear
Black shoe polish the sort that has a sponge on top
Kitchen towel
Cotton Ear Bud
Blunt pencil

So armed with a simple drawing of an owl I glued it to some card stock You can draw it straight onto the card but I wanted to be sure I got it right so drew it on paper then glued it to the card.
Now comes the messy bit, using the PVA glue cover lengths of the yarn in the glue. Now add the yarn to the drawing outline leave the centre blank you are going around the pencil outline only. Add a small triangle piece of card for the beak.
Set aside to dry, I left it overnight and the yarn goes hard.
Now go over the whole thing with your glue stick making sure you cover it all.
Cover the entire thing with foil and gently pat it in place. Turn over and add some glue stick to the back edges and turn the foil over the back to secure.
Now using the cotton ear bud gently rub around the edges of the now covered yarn, don't rush it take your time. When you are happy with the result take a blunt pencil and draw in the wings and any pattern you want to the owl and around the edges.
Here comes the next messy bit. Wipe the shoe polish all over the owl and don't be afraid to add a fair bit, then wipe off the excess with the kitchen towel. You will be left with the black polish in the patterned bits. Leave the polish to dry and your owl is ready to adorn your project.
As a finishing touch I added some light green nail polish to the outside edges and wiped it off this gave the frame a sheen that I wanted.
You can do this with any simple shape like a star, heart, simple outline of an animal or any shape that is simple to draw it always looks more complex when it is finished.