I love making things and sharing what I do. I have Macular Degeneration and find ways to be creative.
I am not an expert or professional at any craft I simply enjoy exploring and trying new things.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A New Start

Since starting this blog many things have happened in my life. One of those is the fact that I have both Cataracts forming and Macular Degeneration that slowly robs you of your central vision. So whilst I can, I am enjoying doing various crafts and trying new ones. I intend to find ways to still be creative no matter what sight I have left in years to come.
The other thing that has happened recently is my Husband had a heart attack and is slowly recovering, due to lack of mobility from arthritis I am now his full time carer. So crafting is my relaxation and I have lots of fun doing it.
This has never been my strong point and my old art teacher in my school days many moons ago, would frown and shake his head at my attempts in art. He called my artwork Primitive and needed a lot of work.
Well Primitive or not I have a go and enjoy the process and have fun with it.
I joined a free online class

I have completed the first class and this is the result

This is the close up of the stylized me, the hair colour was chosen to represent Spirituality, Self Love and Creativity. I do have large brown eyes and that is the only thing that is real in this picture.

This is the backgound on the other page. We were to write all the negative things about ourseleves and find reasons why they may help ptotect us. Then we were to cover them up using Gesso or paint. I used paper and tore it up to create texture and used stamping ink to colour the page. Then I added various stamps I had and added the positive words you can see.

Okay I did not have the paint and stuff suggested so used what I had which was:
Stamping Ink
Colouring Pencils
Colouring pens
Gel Pens
Water colour paint
Acrylic Paint 
Torn paper
Glue stick

I am not good at shading and doing highlights but did my best. I know there are lots of mistakes and I don't mind if others think my drawing is childish or primitive I had fun with it. This was a fun project and I enjoyed it, to me that is what counts not the imperfections. I want to improve and will try to do that with the vision I have.
Why am I doing this?
It is a challenge and I love a challenge, so what if I can't draw like others can, I am me and what I do is unique.
I am not letting my vision stand in the way of trying new things.
More art will follow along with various other things I make.